All In:
Sustainable Business

Offering a number of engagement opportunities to help companies to go All In and embed sustainability through their business.


The Sustainable Business Handbook is our second book together. Based on our experience with our first book: All In: The Future of Business Leadership (2018), we are happy to work with individual companies, conference organisers, Corporate Responsibility coalitions and business schools, to tailor an event, built around the book, which is most helpful to partners.

Some options that we have already done successfully, include:

  • A virtual Town Hall involving one of the authors in conversation with the host company CEO followed by a Q&A with participants
  • An in-person or virtual presentation or workshop with the Senior Management Team and / or board of the host company
  • A company conference for suppliers (such as an annual suppliers’ event)
    A more participatory executive development half or one day programme for company high-flyers or senior leadership cohort. See further below.

Any of these can be linked where desired to a company-hosted external speaking event with a business school or Chamber of Commerce or trade association etc.

They are normally linked to the host buying bulk copies of the book, when they are hosting an event with one of us.

The All In: Sustainable Business Workshop – Who this is for?

The All In: Sustainable Business Leadership Workshop is for senior business leaders responsible for corporate sustainability strategy and their teams, it is ideally suited to annual planning exercises and team retreats.

What you will learn?

All In summarizes past eras of corporate sustainability leadership and describes how the private sector will have to adapt and accelerate its approach now through 2030 when the UN Sustainable Development Goals are due to be completed.

All In suggests business executives apply a framework of five interlinked leadership attributes, Purpose, Plan, Culture, Collaboration and Advocacy, and use them to cultivate the sustainability mindset critical to future commercial success and to the more inclusive and sustainable economy essential for society’s collective future. The Sustainable Business Handbook provides more practical, how-to guidance on the leadership attributes and other key aspects of embedding sustainability effectively. These are incorporated in the updated version of our executive workshop.

The Workshop is based on two decades of GlobeScan-SustainAbility Leaders Survey research with sustainability experts from more than 80 countries as well as more than 40 interviews with CEOs and CSOs from outstanding companies like Unilever, Patagonia, Interface, Marks & Spencer, IKEA and Natura. Comprising views from business, civil society, media, academia, regulators, and government, the Leaders Survey provides a unique, well-informed snapshot on best-in-class corporate sustainability leadership and forms the foundation of Grayson, Coulter and Lee’s thinking.

All In: Sustainable Business Leadership Workshop participants are exposed to the concepts underlying the authors’ two books.

What’s involved?

All In: Sustainable Business Leadership Workshop participants are exposed to the concepts underlying the authors’ two books generally and the All In leadership attributes specifically. After this immersion, participants are walked through a series of interactive discussions and exercises designed to assess current organizational standing using the five attributes as a scorecard and to identify the steps required ensure a comprehensive future approach. The half day workshop can be expanded to a deeper full day session or compressed into a one hour executive presentation and discussion. There is also the opportunity to customise workshops to focus on particular chapters of The Sustainable Business Handbook.

For more information or to register your company for the All In: Sustainable Business Leaders Workshop, get in touch:
Corporate leaders must increasingly choose long-term sustainable business strategies if they are to remain relevant and profitable. David Grayson, Mark Lee, and Chris Coulter - all respected corporate sustainability veterans - have come together to produce All In, the definitive playbook and new standard for what it means to build a sustainable and resilient business today that can help us thrive in the future.
Susan McPherson, CEO, McPherson Strategies LLC
All In required reading for leaders from all disciplines – business, non-profits, academia, government – to better understand the potential and necessity of an engaged and responsible private sector to create the future we want.
Rt. Hon. Joe Clark, former Prime Minister of Canada
There is hope if you launch a sustainable business in a place like Nigeria because we adopt things quickly. We need to find responsible private organizations and engage with them to find ways to finance them and solve problems.
Amy Jadesimi, CEO, LADOL
The Asian Institute of Management is committed to helping build Enterprises for Society. All In shows businesses just how to be an enterprise for society and more. The book illustrates global good practices with rigour. It hits the management sweet spot!
Dr. Jikeyeong Kang, President and Dean, Asian Institute of Management, Manila
My experience in the Asian Forum for Enterprise Society and involvement in a number of corporate boards has shown that many businesses - large and small, public and private - want to understand and manage the risks and opportunities for their Social, Environmental and Economic impacts. All In is packed full with insights, examples and tips for how to do so. I also look forward to a future edition where I am confident there will be even more Asian examples quoted!
Dato Timothy Ong, Chairman Asia Inc Forum, Brunei