“The way for business to be successful long- term is to go All In on sustainability”
All In: The Future of Business Leadership by David Grayson, Chris Coulter and Mark Lee provides corporate leaders with the inspiration and guidance they need to fully embrace the opportunities and challenges of sustainability leadership.

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All In presents a roadmap for tens of thousands of businesses globally who have yet to embed sustainability in their corporate strategies. It outlines an approach to leadership critical to future business success and ensuring a better world for all.

All In is based on two decades of GlobeScan-SustainAbility Leaders Survey research with sustainability experts from more than 80 countries as well as more than 40 interviews with CEOs and CSOs from outstanding companies like Unilever, Patagonia, Interface, Marks & Spencer, IKEA and Natura.

Comprising views from business, civil society, media, academia, regulators, and government, the Leaders Survey provides a unique, well-informed snapshot on best-in-class corporate sustainability leadership and forms the foundation of Grayson, Coulter and Lee’s thinking.

All In: The Future of Business Leadership - An Introduction

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The All In Framework

All In summarizes past eras of corporate sustainability leadership and describes how the private sector will have to adapt and accelerate its approach now through 2030 when the UN Sustainable Development Goals are due to be completed.

All In suggests business executives apply a framework of five interlinked leadership attributes, Purpose, Plan, Culture, Collaboration and Advocacy (see below), and use them to cultivate the sustainability mindset critical to future commercial success and to the more inclusive and sustainable economy essential for society’s collective future.

Why we do what we do; the organizing idea for why the business exists
What we do and what we aspire to do as an organization
How we do things around here
Who we work with in other businesses and other sectors of society to be more effective
Where we use the authority of the business to encourage others to act to advance social justice and sustainable development

The All In Checklist

All In also contains a checklist of practical and strategic actions for companies to follow in developing and implementing corporate sustainability strategies, built around the five attributes. The checklist will help companies begin the process of developing their own roadmap to world class corporate sustainability leadership.

The All In Checklist
30 strategic and practical actions to ensure business success.
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About the Authors

David Grayson is Emeritus Professor of Corporate Responsibility at the Cranfield School of Management. He is also chair of the charity Carers UK. He is a former Managing Director of Business in the Community.

Chris Coulter is CEO of GlobeScan, an insights and strategy consultancy focused on helping leadership organizations build trust with their stakeholders. He also serves on the boards of Good World Solutions and Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR).

Mark Lee is Executive Director of SustainAbility, a think tank and consultancy accelerating corporate sustainability leadership. He chairs the Advisory Board of Sustainable Brands and sits on the Senior Advisory Board of the Centre for Responsible Business at the Haas Business School at UC Berkeley.

All In provides a critical contribution to why and how business needs to commit to sustainability at pace and scale in the coming years; this should be required reading for the next generation of business leaders.
Liz Maw, CEO, Net Impact
You need leaders that are driven by a stronger purpose than just stareholder primacy. The road to change is not easy otherwise someone would have done it before you. That is why we are investing more to get such leaders.
Paul Polman, former CEO, Unilever
All In is an accessible account of the landscape and the activities of vanguard companies and individuals seeking to embed strategic sustainability in their organizations.
Dame Polly Courtice DBE, LVO, Director of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)
Complacency kills. By 2030, business models need to be totally re-engineered to be low carbon, circular, restorative and committed to fairness and well-being which is vastly different from what any scaled business model is in this world right now
Mike Barry, Chief Sustainability Officer, M&S
We have worked to embed sustainability into the core of Nike's business for over 10 years. This approach has delivered a pipeline of products, technologies, and manufacturing and business model innovations to help create our vision for a sustainable future.
Hannah Jones, former Chief Sustainability Officer, Nike